The Top 20 Most Popular Stories of 2011

The year 2011 may have been a lot of things, but none dare call it boring.
From the roller-coaster rides seen by gold and diamond prices, to the dramatic fall-off at Pandora, to the history-making hype generated by the Elizabeth Taylor auction at Christie’s, 2011 was full of big news, and sometimes big changes, in the jewelry industry.
As 2011 fades into memory, JCK offers the top 20 news stories of the year, as measured by audience traffic. if you don’t subscribe to our daily e-newsletter, you can do so by entering in your email in the box at the upper right hand corner of this page. We wish all our readers a happy and healthy new year.   

JCK senior editor Rob Bates

136 Carat Yellow Diamond Found in Russia

In April, miners in the Siberian province of Yakutia found a 136 ct. yellow diamond.

Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry Auction Set for December

“She is the most beautiful creature on earth that made the jewels looks more valuable,” says commenter Dalaliya. No one will wear them the way she did.”

Pandora CEO Resigns Over Falling Sales

“It is almost like another bubble bursting” in a already strained industry and general economy,” says commenter Mark.  “When the owners cash out it is time to take a hard look at the company and it’s new management.”

Elizabeth Taylor’s Jewelry Collection Set for World Tour

“Some of the world’s most beautiful jewelry collected and designed for the world’s most beautiful woman,” says commenter Anne Timmons-Harris.

Reese’s Ring: An Ashoka Cut from William Goldberg

Sure, Reese Witherspoon said “yes” to Jim Toth’s marriage proposal because she loves him, but it doesn’t hurt that he popped the question with an Ashoka-cut diamond from William Goldberg!—JCK senior editor Jennifer Heebner

Former Zale CEO Neal Goldberg Dies

Neal Goldberg, who served as CEO of Zale from December 2007 to January 2010, died March 17 at age 51.

Bank Predicts Gold Price Will Triple

“Hopefully, this trend will flush some of ‘outdated’ styles into the melt pile, and encourage people to look for pieces that are unique and well-made, versus mass-produced trends,” says commenter HA_Jewelry. “With the price of gold approaching that of platinum, it seems like a viable alternative.”       

Update on the De Beers Class Action Settlement

“I am a part of this class action suit and I have always said, ‘Attorneys get the cash and their clients get some sort of coupon to buy more stuff from the same companies that are in the class action suit,’” says commenter Grahamcracky1948. “The best thing tor all of us to do is to attempt to put an end to these kinds of suits in the first place.”

12,000 Carat Tanzanite Discovered

In March, TanzaniteOne Ltd. recovered a 12,000-plus ct. tanzanite, one of the largest tanzanite gemstones ever found.

Oscar Jewels: Who Wore What to the Big Night

While Black Swan‘s Natalie Portman and The King’s Speech star Colin Firth got to take home little gold statues, most of the stars at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards enjoyed wearing their gleaming metals in fine-jewelry form while walking the red carpet.

Costco Selling $1 Million Diamond Ring

Costco has raised eyebrows in April when it offered a 6.77 ct., D IF solitaire ring in a platinum setting, selling for $1 million.

Million-Dollar Theft Shakes Baselworld

Thieves stole millions in diamonds from a vendor at the Baselworld show March 30.

Average Engagement Ring Costs $5,200, Says Survey by The Knot

“I get the $5,200 but I’m not quite sure how all these jewelers squeeze a 1 ct. center in there for that price,” says commenter Pat Thompson. “My sense is that you might get a really nice .60 or an average three grainer.”

GIA Lab Axes Clients for Not Disclosing HPHT

In March, the Gemological Institute of America’s famed diamond lab dropped several clients that submitted HPHT-treated gems without notifying the lab they were processed.

Killer of N.J. Jeweler Identified

The gunman who attempted to rob Roy T. Jewelers in Bridgewater, N.J., on Feb. 7—killing the owner and himself—left a suicide note at his home, according to Somerset County prosecutors.

Talk of Gold Bubble Grows

“What Does Warren Buffett think?” asks commenter Mark Sager. “He seems to have been way ahead of the rest of the world on this one.”

Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry Auction Earns $115 Million, Sets 7 World Records

“Liz is smiling down from heaven over this whole affair, don’t you know…” says commenter Jon Parker.          

Diamond Planet Discovered in Milky Way

“While a diamond the size of a planet is awesome, how big would the setting be and would there be additional adornment required?” asks commenter Lisatru62.

Texas Wholesaler Killed Following Theft

“This certainly was very sad and a senseless act by these criminals,” says commenter A Friend. “Mr. Sayed was a kind, caring, and loving family man.”

Roberto Coin, Neil Lane Top Jewelry Brand List

In May, United Brands released its 2011 top 10 lists of the highest-ranking jewelry, watch, and diamond brands in the world.

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