The Power of Suggestion

For today’s jewelry shoppers the modern retail jewelry store’s visual imagery is more about experience than buying products. It’s about the feelings the shopper perceives from being exposed to all of the store’s various stimuli. There is a five senses composition which jewelry stores package and deliver as the shopper’s experience. Every jewelry store must be ready to be deliver a positive sensory experience to every person that enters the store. One key indicator that our environment is effectively selling can be summed up as our brand experience. Consider how brand experience may influence a jewelry shopper to feel about herself. So the true power of retail suggestion is not so much about the product as it is about our ability to make the shopper feel about their own self . . . and about their approach to fashion . . . and about their approach to fashion accessories like jewelry. Interestingly, that also includes how a jewelry store encourages a shopper to initiate a self inventory of the person they want to project to others. This can be attributed to effective brand messaging. This sort of branding experience should not happen without a clear definition of the purpose of visual merchandising and in-store marketing.

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