The Positive Effects of a Statement Necklace

The powerful effects of well-chosen jewelry are beautifully stated by a savvy young woman profiled in the Real Style section of the July 2010 issue of Marie Claire magazine. Hannah Bronfman is a 25-year-old student who is also developing both a record label and a sustainable clothing line with her brother. She writes:

“Since I’m in school but also working on a business, I try to dress my age with a sense of sophistication. I want people to take me seriously.”

Here’s a young woman who understands the importance of image. She continues:

“I’m a big posture person, so I like to wear a chunky necklace. I think you present yourself better when you’re wearing something you really love around your neck. You tend to throw your shoulders back and walk with more confidence.” 

Jewelry is a powerful accessory, both in the message of the image it conveys and in how it can make an individual feel about herself. How marvelous that a beautiful necklace can inspire one to feel more confident, and that its placement on the body can cause one to stand a little taller. No designer handbag or shoes can accomplish the latter.

Inexplicably, the magazine doesn’t picture Ms. Bronfman in a statement necklace. She is shown wearing the trendy look of layered delicate pendants (see my 6/20 blog post) in one photo, and in the other photo is completely sans necklace and with her shoulders hunched up around her ears. It’s a pity the stylists weren’t listening. I would have liked to see her wearing one of those chunky necklaces that so inspire her.

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