The Parties of JCK Eve

“We have 72 events to go to tonight,” Carrie Soucy, of JCK and Luxury magazines, told a retailer Friday night at The JCK Show ~ Las Vegas. An exaggeration, yes, but one that felt about right as Carrie and fellow fashion editors Jennifer Heebner and Laura Finkelstein geared up for the party hopping and schmoozing ahead.

The group of JCK editors (and many other industry members) started the evening at the Luxury Show cocktails in the Venetian. The crowd was lighter than that of the previous night, but the delicious cheese blintzes were well worth it.

Next stop, the World Gold Council, where Shaye Strager and Duvall O’Steen took us on a tour of Italy in the Venetian. Three rooms, representing three different regions of the country, boasted location-specific jewelry designs, food, and wine. It was a lovely event, both editors and jewelers—including Maya Jewels designer Chhaya Kapadia—agreed.

Next, the Novell and Stefan Paul event at Tao in the Venetian. On the second level (has the Tao interior changed shape since last year?), guests mingled between new jewelry designs and Asian-inspired fare.

Then it was time to venture over to the Wynn—one of those commutes that seems so short but, in hot weather and high heels, feels like a trek. Luckily, we were cooled by the gorgeous outdoor waterfalls at Tryst, where the Mikimoto and Kwiat event—Diamonds are a Pearl’s Best Friend—took place.

After chatting with Kwiat designer Janice Debell, it was back to the Venetian for David Yurman’s late-night affair at David Burke. JCK staffers talked with designers like Nicole Landaw and Shaun Leane, while taking breaks to munch on the fresh, ice sculpture-supported seafood.

Dancing went on late into the evening.