The Oscars: Best and Worst Looks

So as not to spoil this week’s JCKstyle e-newsletter, which will cover jewelry trends from last night’s Oscars, I present here a less objective opinion of the show’s best and worst, in the spirit of Joan Rivers (and the gaggle of rotating, nondescript E! commentators that I watched pre-show). The official, time-honored categories: fashion, jewelry, and overall [female exclusively- it’s more fun].

Best: Gwyneth Paltrow. Lots of beautiful ensembles last night- including Helen Mirren’sCate Blanchett’s and Isla Fisher’s, but Paltrow really inspired in a look both romantic (in its flowing silhouette) and modern (in its light geometric pattern), and I loved the color on her.
Worst: Jennifer Lopez. I am so sick of J-Lo always going for a “grecian-inspired”/“’60s-era” look (and who can really tell the two apart at this point? She’s successfully invented a bland new look: Grecian 60s). It’s horrendously overdone by the glamorous fashion designer who can do much better.

Best: Rachel Weisz. Just as J-Lo loses for repetition, Weisz wins for originality. I’ve never seen anything like the Cartier pendant she wore; a huge, irregular mash of diamonds, though Jen Heebner rightly noted that it looks as if it might snap off its flimsy chain. Still o nice to see something so different on the red carpet.
Worst: Jessica Biel. Her black diamond Neil Lane jewels, particularly when paired with her bright pink, black belted dress- looked more appropriate for a cocktail party. Biel needs to dress up and pay respects to a show and a group of actors her 7th Heaven–self shouldn’t really be a part of, anyway.

Reese Witherspoon. Since her divorce, Witherspoon keeps looking better and better. Loved the deep purple color and perfect fit of her Nina Ricci gown, her simple accessories (a lone 38 carat Van Cleef bracelet. You know- simple), her sleek hair and smoky makeup. Gorgeous, and a nice change from the more staid looks that dominated her early red carpet career.
Worst: Naomi Watts/Nicole Kidman. The friends from Australia had major color issues: Watts looked washed out and a bit dowdy in light yellow and Kidman looked like a big, red present (the kind with a deceptively small item inside).

Bonus item, most exciting star sighting: Jennifer Meyer, our fall Luxury cover girl, accompanying husband Tobey Maguire and looking fabulous post-baby in a black strapless gown.

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