The Next Frontier: Digital Jewelry Files For Sale

A significant number of CAD/CAM jewelers around the world have now invested millions of hours to create fine jewelry. As a result of these efforts, the inventory of these digital design files is growing rapidly and looking for a new home at a jewelry store like yours.
I touched on this subject a few weeks ago in my Blog posting ” Who Owns This Design” This week I want to explore with you just one aspect of ethics and intellectual property rights that jewelers should be watching in the digital age
Several months ago I noted a new marketing concept in the classified section of the MJSA Journal. A retail jeweler in Montreal had decided that that there was value for his CAD designs beyond the sale of jewelry at his store. The partners Helmut Burger, Ernst Plaatsman, and Gino Priolo had been using Rhinoceros software to create custom jewelry for thier clients. They knew that these files were well engineered and that waxes could be produced on their Solidscape 3D Printer for investment casting. They also knew that it took them several hours to make each design. The group theorized that if they could save someone else that time and offset their own investment, it would be a profitable service on the web. This was the beginning of the internet business 3D Models 4 download.
For as little as $30.00 – $50.00 anyone can download a licensed copy of their work. The individual can then have the design printed or milled for investment casting anywhere in the world. 

This business concept really intrigues me as a potential annuity income from a growing inventory of intellectual property. To me, this may be the next frontier for talented jewelry designers to serve a global market.

I thought perhaps the folks in Montreal might have a good concept but, never looked at this subject too deeply until last week. While reading my MJSA Journal classified section, I noted still another retail jeweler based in Chicago 3DRingFile was advertising CAD files for sale.

Could this be the next trend in fine jewelry marketing….?   and

Is it ethical to sell a custom CAD design several times over….?


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