The New Unsubtle Necklaces for Men

While there are numerous noteworthy trends in women’s
jewelry this season, stylish men are also finding opportunity for personal
adornment with jewelry in decidedly unsubtle ways. Substantial, sometimes layered,
and even occasionally colorful beaded necklaces present eye-catching options.
Actor Johnny
, well known for his cutting-edge style, is often spotted
wearing necklaces along with other stylish accessories including hats, scarves,
rings, and bracelets. The trend is growing and promises to continue well into

In the July 18, 2011 issue of People magazine, singer Katy Perry is shown cycling with her
husband, British comedian Russell Brand. Perry wears large hoop earrings, a
bracelet, and several rings. Along with his wedding ring, Brand wears a long
beaded necklace over his tank top.

The same issue of People
pictures television host and designer Ty Pennington wearing multiple beaded
necklaces and bracelets along with a ring with a casual shirt and jeans.

The July 3, 2011, issue of The Los Angeles Times reported on the recently wrapped Paris men’s
fashion week and what is coming for spring-summer 2012. Among the looks
pictured are these:

Bill Gaytten for John Galliano shows a military-inspired
jacket with medal pinned on, worn over a striped sweater and red trousers and
accented with a chunky beaded necklace.

Lanvin shows a pair of long beaded necklaces intersecting
with a diagonal strap worn over a jacket.

Thom Browne’s designs include capes and fringe and “strands
of pearls that hung loosely from neck to knees” that help elongate the
silhouette. The pearls are worn over a

Necklaces strung with beads or pearls bring a fresh edginess
to men’s ensembles.