The Main Event

Retailers think of ingenious reasons to host
events, but O.C. Tanner’s partnering with Rolex to celebrate the 50th
anniversary of the world’s deepest ocean dive on Oct. 28 was leagues away from
most store events.

The guest of honor was none other than U.S. Navy Capt. Don Walsh, who guided
the Trieste submarine nearly seven
miles below sea level in 1960.

Captain Walsh and Curtis Bennett, O.C. Tanner’s vice president of retail

Another record was broken by the famous dive:
strapped to the vessel was the Rolex Deep Sea Special model, the first watch to
withstand nearly eight tons of pressure per square inch.

Rolex’s Deep Sea Special

The Deep Sea Special and other Rolex watches were on display at the Salt Lake
City store for a week after the store event.