The Kimberley Process Gets Some Recognition

One of the interesting side effects of the all the talk about “conflict minerals” — including “conflict gold” — is that the Kimberley Process is getting substantially more recognition than it has in the past.

There was a favorable mention of the KP in the 60 Minutes “Congo gold” story, and here is part of an editorial in the Los Angeles Times:

It’s time to turn to the businesses that profit from Congo’s “conflict minerals” and to figure out a way — as was done with conflict diamonds — that they can certify which mines in Congo are operating legally and safely…

It won’t be easy, but certifying minerals as “conflict free” can be done. We did it with diamonds. We can do it with minerals too

This is a big change from the harshly critical tone towards the KP we heard from outlets like the Times three years ago when the “Blood Diamond” movie came out.  And the irony is the Kimberley Process has a lot more problems now than it did then.

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