The Jewelry Industry and Its Pets

A dog is man’s best friend, right? A cat is…well, I like cats (mine, anyway). Yes, the world is a better place thanks to our pets. They fill our homes with warmth (and fur); they make us smile. My cat thinks his sole purpose is to serve as my alarm clock, but I wouldn’t trade him for anything nonetheless. Many members of this industry appear to feel the same way about their furry friends, and they often share that love on Instagram. From a jeweler’s little helper to the perfect diamond model, here are some of my favorite shots from Instagram of the industry and its pets.

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4 responses to “The Jewelry Industry and Its Pets”

  1. Thanks Brittany what a fun article! Glad to see my own Porter House and also photos of some of my Industry friends furry loved ones.

  2. Daisy’s ego is even BIGGER now that she’s been featured in your article. We’re going to talk to her tonight about being humble and grateful to her admirers. It’s not easy being so cute. lol. Thanks Brittany!

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