The Big Season: Life Pre-Vegas

As our loyal readers may have noticed, there has been a bit of a lag time on the Style 360 blog recently. This is because our staff is crazed right now, trying to meet all our print deadlines for, as editor-in-chief Hedda Schupak and managing editor Rich Dalglish refer to it, the season of horror and despair (SOHAD for short).

SOHAD happens twice a year, when all three of our magazines- JCK, JCK Luxury, and JCKstyle- are due at the same time. Spring SOHAD is particularly tough because it coincides with Vegas prep, and all that entails.

However, with SOHAD comesthe promise of exciting products and events. Here, a few to look forward to:

1. A gorgeous, mod-themed spring JCKstyle.
2. Warm weather.
3. A talk by Carrie, Jennifer, and me at the Vegas show, detailing fashion and jewelry trends for the upcoming season.
4. The JCK look book- a new spin on our Open to Buy/JCK Showcase products. The book looks amazing and is an informative show and reference tool.
5. The iPhone.
6. Our super-sized May gold and June diamond issues (now with fabulous still life photography pages, as seen in April).

Whether or not you are facing a SOHAD of your own, almost everyone in our industry has lots to do pre-Vegas. We at JCK hope these next few months go as smoothly and successfully as possible for you.

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