The 10 Most Popular Jewelry News Stories and Tweets of April 2012

I have to give JCK readers credit for having eclectic taste.

We usually have a decent idea on what stories are going to get a bunch of hits or which news items are going to incite debate, but our readers surprise us more often than not week in and week out.

At the beginning of each month, I’m going to look back at our most popular news stories of the month and check in with our fans and followers to get their thoughts about our news coverage and the jewelry industry in general.

Here are the top 10 stories of April 2012:

Fancy Blue Diamond Sets World Record at Sotheby’s Auction

“And some say there is no room for investing in diamonds…” says commenter Happy.

Diver’s Emerald Find Featured on 60 Minutes

“GIA determined Columbian origin but a European lab was the one who stated the treatment was done. Why didn’t GIA see this too?” asks commenter Antiq.

9 Carat Pink Diamond Fetches Record Price at Christie’s

“I was there when the hammer came down,” says commenter Syed.

The JCK Power List: 50+ Movers, Shakers, and Tastemakers in the Jewelry Industry

This list generated quite a bit of debate from our readers. Two of the complaints were that independent retailers—many “who have amassed solid growth, 8-9 figure volume annually without jeopardizing their integrity”—weren’t better represented, and successful online jewelers weren’t given their own category despite “breaking barriers in the business.”

J.C. Penney Warns New Strategy May Not Work

“It is a matter of trust,” says commenter Debbie C. “The customer needs to begin to feel a part of this change and believe the prices are fair and square!”

Gold Will Hit $2,000 This Year, Survey Says

“If anything this is just going to fuel the demand for sterling silver jewelry, which should be good news for retailers given the higher profit margins possible on silver,” says commenter Jared W. Olen.

Titanic Victim’s Descendants Hope for Lost Jewels

“I hope his family gets their property returned to thiem. It would be a wonderful closure to the sad and tragic loss of life,” says commenter Laurence Lance.

New Jersey Jewelers Accused of Fleeing With Customer Merchandise

A bad economy forces people to do some crazy things. I hope all involved in this story find some measure of closure and justice.—DF

Supreme Court Declines to Hear De Beers Antitrust Appeal   

“’Will probably earn enough to take their staff out to a decent lunch’” ??? Yeah baby, $5 foot longs here we come! Can’t wait!” says frequent commenter Alex.

Silver Price Will Rise This Year, Survey Forecasts

After reporting on rising gold prices for more than a year, it was fascinating to see a survey forecast a rise in silver prices. I wonder what effect that will have on all the silver jewelry manufacturers who have benefited from the high gold prices.—DF

The top 10 tweets of April 2012: