Thanksgiving Day Musings & Thoughts of Appreciation

Jewelry is a form of art. Talented individuals with inspiration and skill make noteworthy and even breathtaking contributions to the art form. Many others enjoy the creative process and relish setting in motion the design and production of items that delight many, many people.  

An item of jewelry can be delightful or even spectacular all on its own, but it takes on increased significance when it is worn and enjoyed. Given as a gift, it holds the wishes and sentiments of the giver. Purchased for oneself, it speaks to the owner in a language that taps into her or his self-image.

Jewelry also has extraordinary potential for taking a humdrum look and elevating it into something special – fashion as art. Through ads, articles, and editorial fashion spreads, as well as the work of image consultants and stylists, creative ideas are disseminated, generating yet more ideas for creative expression and appreciation of the art form that is jewelry.

For instance, the fashion and jewelry-related tips on the subject “know how to put it all together,” in the November 2011 issue of InStyle magazine, including the following, are worth considering:

  • Mask unfortunate details creatively. Swap a chintzy sash with a smart leather belt. Cover an elastic waist with a long tunic. Trade garish buttons for refined ones. Hide a cheesy logo with a brooch.
  • Think like a stylist. The reason everything looks cooler in magazines? Fashion stylists layer to add depth to basics. Try a blazer over a cardigan with a camisole peeking out. A little attitude helps, too: Push up your sleeves; roll up your cuffs; pop a collar.
  • Add one more accessory before leaving the house. Contrary to the old adage, moderation in accessorizing can read as mediocre. Go for the extra bangle and push your outfit to the next level.

This holiday, here’s a note of appreciation to all those who create art by designing or producing jewelry, who inspire others in the creative use of jewelry, who thrill with gifts of jewelry, and who delight themselves and all of us in wearing and thereby visually sharing those marvelous little expressions of personality and pieces of art, jewelry.

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