Tanzanite prices remain firm at company’s third sight

TanzaniteOne Ltd recently held a sale of rough tanzanite. In terms of its Preferred Supplier Strategy, the company has initially appointed six sightholders, with plans to increase this number.

The initial sightholders are: Color Jewels Inc, K.L Tambi & Co, Rare Multicolor Gems, STS Jewels, Tanzanite International, and The Tanzanite Company.

TanzaniteOne has committed to supply six parcels per year to each of its sightholders for a three year period. At each sight, sightholders receive parcels of rough tanzanite that have been graded according to a rough tanzanite grading system, developed by TanzaniteOne, which has a total of 896 grades. The sightholder system has been put in place specifically to support the consistent supply of rough tanzanite as a way to stabilize the price of the precious gem.

TanzaniteOne did not release prices. However the company did say that “prices remained exactly on par with those of the last two sights held earlier in the year.”

The company said sightholders accepted all parcels.