Tanzanite Foundation, AGTA Help Tanzanian Flood Victims

The Tanzanite Foundation and the American Gem Trade Association have set up a flood relief fund to raise money for those affected by the recent disaster in the Merelani area of Tanzania.

Torrential rains earlier this month resulted in many small tanzanite mines being flooded. Forty-nine casualties have been reported. TanzaniteOne has been responsible for spearheading the recovery and rescue operations.

Tanzanite Foundation Members and TanzaniteOne have been the first to make large sum donations to the fund. Funds will be distributed in various ways focusing on immediate relief and assistance to the families that have been unfortunately affected. Furthermore, strategies and infrastructure encompassing safety measures will be implemented in order to attempt to prevent such a tragedy from occurring again. 

All donations will be acknowledged with an invoice. The organizations vow that 100 percent of all money donated will be used for the cause.

Checks can be made out to AGTA -Tanzanite Fund and sent to the Tanzanite Foundation:
42 W 48th Street,
Suite 1702,
New York, NY 10036.

Or money can be deposited directly at:

Bank Of America
Attention:  Troy Zupancic
15303 Dallas Parkway
Suite 290
Addison, TX 75001
1 888 852 5000
Account Number:  004881834475
Swift:  BOA US 3N
Routing :  026 009 593

For further information contact Hayley Henning at the Tanzanite Foundation at 212 575 3020 or hayley@tanzanitefoundation.org.