Synthetic diamonds test? ‘Good Morning America’ says ‘Buyer, Beware’

On Tuesday, Sept. 9, a film crew from Good Morning America visited IGI’s New York City diamond lab to see firsthand how laboratory gemologists would test for synthetic diamonds. Consumer correspondent Greg Hunter put IGI to the test when he provided three stones for testing—two natural diamonds and one synthetic CVD Apollo diamond.

During the segment, Hunter informed viewers, “These experts are among the best in the world.” Participants included IGI president Jerry Ehrenwald, G.G., A.S.A.; IGI executive director David Weinstein, G.G.; and IGI gemologist Mark Yakubov, G.G. All were able to positively identify the synthetic diamond using the De Beers DiamondView. The Apollo diamond immediately revealed a red-colored fluorescence reaction in the DiamondView.

“They had their suspicions,” said Hunter, “but with only a typical jeweler’s tools, these experts—among the best in the world—couldn’t say for sure which of our stones was the ringer. Then they turned to sophisticated equipment found only in diamond-grading labs.”

Hunter asked the experts, “If someone walked into a jewelry store today with these three stones, would the jeweler have a chance of picking out the synthetic diamond?” “No. No chance,” said one IGI gemologist.

Anchor Diane Sawyer ended the story, claiming, “Come January, a whole new reason, ‘Buyer beware.’”