Swiss Army Brands is Mondaine’s U.S. distributor

Swiss Army Brands, Inc. (SABI) has been named U.S. distributor of Mondaine’s Swiss Railways Watch and Clock collection. The joint announcement was made July 23 by SABI, headquartered in Shelton, Conn., and Mondaine, a popular mid-priced Swiss watch brand, headquartered in Zurich.

“Swiss Army Brands and Mondaine complement one another naturally,” said SABI president Sue Rechner. Both are “family-owned businesses and distinctly Swiss, but non-competitive in terms of distribution and consumer target.”

SABI’s distribution strategy for the Mondaine collection, she says, includes department stores, watch and design specialty stores, and select jewelers.

The design of Mondaine’s Swiss Railways Watch and Clock collection is based on the world’s most punctual clock: the readable-at-glance face Swiss Railways Clock designed in the 1940s by Hans Hilfiker and still used in all Swiss railway stations.

Highlights of the Mondaine collection include: The classic Stop to Go watch, featuring Hilfiker’s accelerated second hand (retail: $250); the Meeting Point Desk Clock (retail: $200-275), the Big Size Big Date watch with 40mm case (retail: $150) and Wall Clocks in aluminum or matte steel (retail: $150).

Swiss Army Brands, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Victorinox, A.G., For more information on how to become a distributor, call 1-800-243-4057