Swatch Group’s DYB builds jewelry-making center

The Swatch Group, the world’s largest watchmaker, on Oct. 20 laid the cornerstone for a new three-story jewelry-making center for its DYB Dress Your Body company.

DYB, established in 2000, conceives, designs and produces the jewelry and fashion accessories for the Swatch Group watch brands Breguet, Omega, Léon Hatot, cK and Swatch. The jewelry for high-end Breguet, Léon Hatot and Omega is sold in their boutiques around the world. The Swatch and cK fashion jewelry is sold in Swatch Shops and selected retailers worldwide. 

The new facility, being built in Cormondrèche, near Neuchâtel, Switzerland, is a result of fast-growing demand for the brands’ jewelry and also the need to consolidate DYB’s widespread Swiss operations. Currently, DYB has four jewelry workshops (in Biel, the headquarters of the Swatch Group; Villeret and near Geneva, Switzerland). The intent is to reduce that to two sites: the new one in Cormondrèche and the one now near Geneva (where it’s easier to find craftsmen to work on “haute joaillierie” or luxury jewelry).

“The possibilities and the potential for other Swatch Group watch brands to add jewelry are being thoroughly evaluated,” JCK was told by Beatrice Howard, Swatch Group spokesperson and head of its media relations. “There might be other brands which offer jewelry in future.”

The new DYB site will be operational in Fall 2007. DYB now employs 100 people. That will grow to 130 when the center opens. As demand for Swatch Group jewelry grows, the new DYB site will able to employ up to 150 people.

The company departments include DYB Bijoux (creation and development of fashion accessories, jewelry “haute joaillerie”);  DYB Gems (buying precious stones, consulting), DYB Production (manufacturing jewelry and “haute joaillerie”); DYB Sertissage (that is, traditional and mechanical setting of stones on jewelry and watches), and DYB Métiers d’arts (rare or almost-lost skills to decorate very high end jewlery and watch dials and/or movements, such enameling, guillochage designs, and engraving).