Swarovski Stars in Flawless

Swarovski, the world’s largest producer of cut crystal, and ENLIGHTENEDTM – Swarovski Elements, Swarovski’s gemstone and cubic zirconia brand, have made the set of this year’s jewel-heist movie Flawless, starring Michael Caine and Demi Moore.

ENLIGHTENEDTM – Swarovski Elements provided the movie with more than 1.5 million cut, fully faceted cubic zirconia jewelry stones and nearly 3 tons of topaz chunks used to create the illusion of diamonds in the rough.

In addition, Swarovski jewels were worn in the film by Demi Moore (pictured left). Swarovski worked closely with the movie’s costume designer, Dinah Collin, to build a suitable jewel wardrobe for the 1960s female executive, including specially made cubic zirconia and crystal pearl earrings, which play a role in the plot, classic crystal pearl necklaces, and a rare original set of 1950’s costume jewelry made with Swarovski Crystal by Christian Dior. The set was taken from the celebrated Fior Collection, one of the world’s finest private collections of vintage 20th Century fashion jewelry.