Survey: Buzz Falling for Signet, Rising for Pandora

Signet brands Jared, Kay, and Zales are generating less buzz from female consumers, while awareness of Pandora is rising, according to a survey from YouGov BrandIndex.

The three Signet nameplates all showed marked declines in YouGov’s measure of buzz, which asks women consumers whether they have heard anything about the brand and whether it was positive or negative. Purchase consideration for all three fell as well.

By contrast, chatter about Pandora is on the upswing, the survey found. In addition, eight percent of women said they would consider making their next jewelry purchase from Pandora, compared to 7 percent for Zales and Kay, and 5 percent for Jared.

Even so, Kay still beats all other brands in advertising, with 17 percent of women saying they had seen a Kay ad in recent weeks.

JCK News Director

  • More advertising dollars does not mean more brand awareness!
    Can you please give more solid information than that? How about some info about their return of investment in marketing or why their sales are down?
    *** One reason to buy Pandora might be silver with CZ item fits consumer budget better while Signet group does not do CZ items and it is hard to bring gold-and-diamond items down to $30 each!

  • Peter H

    No offense, but this title is awfully misleading. Just because Pandora has risen ahead of Jared, Zales, and Kay does not mean that overall buzz and demand for Pandora is up. The survey started in June, so buzz and ad awareness has risen closer to the holidays? I’m shocked.

    What’s the buzz and demand for Pandora now compared to this time last year? Or two years ago? That’s a question worth asking and a graph worth looking at because I would be shocked if it’s even remotely close to as strong right now.

    • Rob_Bates

      HI, Peter. If you look at the linked article, you can see a chart that shows Signet “buzz” falling throughout the year. It just wasn’t qualified by the survey company so we didn’t include any numbers in the article.

      • Peter H

        Totally understand. I looked at the headline and saw “Buzz rising for Pandora” and thought “crap, maybe we are in trouble if we discontinue them in our store.” There’s just more to it than the attached graph IMO

  • JC

    Heh, the buzz for the both of them is a buzz saw, and both deserve to be sliced and diced…

    Signet for its reliance on a pyramid model of generating sales and margins with cheap goods, sub-prime credit, and poor customer service, and Pandora for re-branding the old charm bracelet, building its brand of low value/high price baubles on the back of years of hard work by independent jeweler “partners” and then grabbing the money, leaving those partners holding an empty bag. Their karma buzz saw came this past Saturday Night Live in a skit that rivaled its humor heyday, cut Pandora to the bone and brilliantly undoing the effects of millions of dollars of sappy deceptive advertising…couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of crooks.