Survey: 17% of Men Would Wear a “Man-Gagement” Ring

Seventeen percent of men would wear a “man-gagement” ring, according to the fifth annual proposal and engagement survey from and Men’s Health.

But Jonathan Green of AAA Gold & Jewelry in Plant City, Fla. hasn’t seen much call for “man-gagement” rings. “Would I wear one? Probably not, but who knows,” he says. “This may be the next trend in engagements.”

The survey also found that 59 percent of brides said both the carat size and quality of the diamond mattered to them, while more than 70 percent of men surveyed thought that women just wanted quality as opposed to quantity. “Women like a large diamond, but one that is nice as well,” says Green.

Other highlights from the survey:

  • 22 percent of brides surveyed admitted that it matters what their friends and family think about the ring
  • 44 percent of men said they chose the engagement ring themselves. “Sixty percent of the men that come into the store brought their girlfriend in to pick out her ring,” says Green. “That way they get something they’re sure they will like.”
  • When asked if they thought their fiancée loved the ring, 98 percent of men said “yes.” Nine percent of brides didn’t love the ring. Only 4 percent let their fiancé know how they felt. “There are women though who like whatever their man buys, just for the reason of the occasion,” says Green.
  • 76 percent of men said it is essential to propose on bended knee, while only 48 percent of women agreed.
  • 21 percent of men and 28 percent of women thought the man should ask mom and dad before proposing.
  • 57 percent of brides said they would share their engagement news on Facebook by posting a picture of their ring. Twenty-two percent of men said it’s tacky.