Supplier News: Week of Nov. 5

WJA Introduces New Mentorship Guide

The Women’s Jewelry Association (WJA) has introduced new materials to its WJA Mentorship Program, it recently announced.

The WJA Mentorship Guide and WJA Mentee Meeting Preparation Workbook are among the biggest additions to the new materials, as well as a convenient online form for its members to request a mentor from a ready-made list of industry experts.

The WJA Mentorship Guide features advice for both mentors and mentees, with tips on helping struggling mentees with issues like gender equality and how to make the most out of this learning relationship.

The Meeting Preparation Workbook is an ideal tool for writing down goals, preparing questions, and more, in advance of a mentee meeting with a potential mentor.

“Women who are mentored by others feel supported and more satisfied in their careers,” said WJA president Jenny Luker in a press release. “We also know that mentors can have an impact at all stages of a mentee’s career. Helping women to become more confident and sure of their talents is one of WJA’s key goals in our mentorship program.”

The program, which works on the basis of a three-month period with options for renewal, is available exclusively as a benefit to WJA members.

“Since most companies do not offer formal mentoring programs, and many who work in the jewelry trade are self-employed, WJA’s program offers a unique opportunity for its members to find and connect with other members who are mentors,” said WJA executive director Bernadette McGovern Mack in a press release. “Our goal as an association is to keep more talented women in the jewelry industry, and we know that the more women are mentored, the most success they will have.”

Mentors are available in a range of industry-related careers, including appraisals, business development, corporate social responsibility, diamond and gemstones, e-commerce, education, independent retailing, jewelry design, jewelry photography, manufacturing, marketing, media, social media, sustainable sourcing, and more. For a full list and to learn more about the program, visit

(Photo courtesy of the Women’s Jewelry Association)