Supplier News: Week of March 12

Sterling Reputation’s New Website Promotes Independent Retailers

To show its commitment to remaining a wholesale jeweler, Sterling Reputation, provider of sterling silver jewelry, has announced a new website featuring a strong retailer presence.

Designed to appeal to the end consumer and featuring nearly 2,000 styles of jewelry listed with retail prices, Sterling Reputation’s new site does not allow for online purchasing, rather, it directs the consumers to their nearest available retailer.

“We’re always looking for ways to help our clients build foot traffic,” said owner Steve Berkowitz, in a press release. “Consumers aren’t walking into stores anymore to decide what to buy. They do their research online and go to a store once decided. As a supplier, I want to make sure the consumers learn about my products and go to my partner stores and buy them.”

All retailers carrying Sterling Reputation products receive a store listing on the website with a map location. Each listing may be claimed and managed by its business owner, allowing for detailed descriptions, logos, videos, and imagery. Retailers are also able to create promotions and events via the site and may share those on social media. Sterling Reputation promises to support these promotions, also sharing on their own social media accounts.

“Consumer behavior has changed, and we want to change with it,” continued Berkowitz. “We’ll keep adding functionality and features to this website as technology and consumer behavior continue to evolve, and we plan to share the marketing insights we gain along with way with our customers. We’re all in this together!”

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