Supplier News: Week of June 24

Lark & Berry Releases Its First Global Campaign

In celebration of one year in business, man-made diamond brand Lark & Berry has unveiled its first global campaign.

The ad campaign, “Clean. Cool. Cultured,” comprises a series of web ads, commercials, and sneak previews of summer jewelry collections.

“People want to know the significance of this ad campaign—it’s all in the three words, all of which have many cultured connotations we want to evoke,” said Lark & Berry founder Laura Chavez in a statement.

Clean refers to the reportedly lesser footprint that man-made diamonds leave on the earth, “grown and cultured with no land or wildlife displaced, using less water, and creating far less waste,” said Chavez.

“Cultured diamonds, just the same as mined but created more responsibly with technology, what’s cooler than that?” Chavez explained as the reference to cool, the second buzzword in the campaign. It could also be said that Lark & Berry has a very modern, fashionable approach to fine jewelry—another “cool.”

And finally, the cultured may be explained by how Lark & Berry refers to its man-made diamonds. “It’s my favorite term for grown diamonds,” said Chavez. “Much more so than lab-growncultured really embodies my favorite aspect of these technological and luxurious stone marvels—they’re truly the way forward.”

The campaign is running online, in print, and on social media and television.

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Thailand Showcase Sees High Traffic at JCK Las Vegas

Hosted with the support of Thailand’s Department of International Trade Promotion (DTIP), the Thailand showcase of exhibitors at JCK Las Vegas 2019 was reportedly a bustling destination for buyers at the show.

“As we can see from the Thailand pavilion at JCK Las Vegas this year, we have received high attention from the buyers, especially in the part of silver jewelry created by Thai craftsmen as well as colored gemstone jewelry,” said Kwanapa Phivnil, executive director of Thai Trade Center, Los Angeles, in a statement.

Many of the jewelers that took part in the pavilion offered handcrafted specialties and reported a lot of interest from buyers during their time at the show. Some of these brands included Nida Factory, Formica (Th) Co., Bella Jewelry Factory, Key Gems, and Vatana Gems.

For more information on the upcoming Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair, at which many of the brands featured at JCK will showcase, visit

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