Supplier News: Week of June 18

Leo Schachter Introduces Kalahari Dream

Leo Schachter has announced it is sourcing a line of diamonds called Kalahari Dream, targeting millennial and Gen Z shoppers in the market for conflict-free gemstones.

The diamonds that comprise Kalahari Dream are “from reputable Southern African diamond mining companies who adhere to stringent ecological and social criteria,” according to a press release.

The brand’s tagline, “Unearth a Diamond, Uplift a Community,” seeks to describe the journey of the diamonds and how they change the lives of locals at the source. Two villages near Leo Schachter’s Botswana factory are now reported to have a direct, consistent, and sustainable water system funded by the sales of Kalahari Dream.

In partnership with the line, Omaha, Neb., retailer Borsheims will sell an exclusive rhino pendant (pictured above) featuring Kalahari Dream diamonds, benefiting the Care for the Wild Rhino Sanctuary in South Africa.

GIA-certified and hand-selected by Leo Schachter’s diamond artisans, each stone is laser-inscribed with a unique identification number and the Kalahari Dream logo. While Borsheims and Boston-based Long’s Jewelers ran the initial campaigns, the line will be offered to interested stores, who will receive in-store training, print and digital marketing materials, written blog content, and social media support from Leo Schachter as a retailer of Kalahari Dream.

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