Style Unscripted: The Daily Dish on Fashion and Jewelry

Welcome to Style 360, JCK’s style-specific blog. Like our JCKstyle magazines and the weekly e-newsletters, Style 360 will bring you everything style, fashion, and design oriented. Unlike those magazines, it brings the unscripted, of-the-moment, and often lighthearted version of what’s happening, through the eyes of our bloggers.

See, here at 360 Park Avenue South in New York (the JCK mothership) we not only crank out three magazines, the website content, and several e-newsletters, we’re also a pretty chatty bunch when it comes to style spotting. Why not, we thought, share our daily experiences, sightings (and, well, we can’t help ourselves: maybe a little gossip here and there.)

Style 360 StaffOur crew of bloggers are led by Jennifer Heebner, Laura Finkelstein and me–JCK’s fashion team (and the voices you already know from the JCKstyle e-newsletter and magazine.) We’ll be sharing our insider’s perspective on everything from design and fashion news to the people and events that determine the style trends and influence demand for jewelry in the months ahead.

Along with the editors, you’ll get to know the behind-the-scenes art, production, and copy editing staffers: pop-culture gurus who lend an eye-on-the-street perspective to fashion, jewelry, and all things style.

In all, this knowledgeable, diverse and funny group of bloggers is looking forward to chatting with you daily here on Style 360, and bringing you our 360 degree view on style, straight from 360 Park Avenue South. The bottom line: we love hearing ourselves talk. We hope you will, too.

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