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posted a blog… 12:02 AM Feb 18th from web

Is home from the Feninjer jewelry show in Brazil. 

saw amazing combination jewelry, including a ring/earrings and a ring/bracelet, at Preziore. 3:36 PM Feb 17th from web

Sees many Indian influences here at Feninjer. The reason? Novellas on TV that are filmed in India. 2:35 PM Feb 17th from txt

Learned that the use of mirror finishes among Brazilian designers is on the rise over last year. 1:34 PM Feb 17th from txt   

Heard several Brazilian designers say that Brazilian consumers are more often seeking out diamond pave styles. 1:32 PM Feb 17th from txt

Heard Luiz Noguiera, Brazil Imports, say that “Brazil today pretty much produces (mines) quartz,” and he creates many special stone cuts. 10:41 AM Feb 17th from txt

posted a blog… 10:48 PM Feb 16th from web

Is amazed by the luxury at Daslu: plush and oversize furnishings, every brand, maze of boudoir-esque shops in shops that overlap. 6:51 PM Feb 16th from web 

Just learned that Amsterdam Sauer has a store in Miami, the brand’s first venture outside of Brazil. 1:23 PM Feb 16th from txt  

posted a blog…. 12:17 AM Feb 16th from web   

heard Cristina Abdula, F.R. Hueb, say that her business at the JA NY show was good, and business here at this Feninjer fair is also busy. 6:58 PM Feb 15th from web 

Heard Manoel Bernardes say that rose gold has become important in jewelry because of its prevalance in watches. 2:15 PM Feb 15th from txt 

Heard Mauel Bernardes say that “if jewelry doesn’t have color or movement then it’s not from Brazil.” 1:25 PM Feb 15th from txt 

Just learned what BRIC means: Brazil, Russia, India, and China, the four developing nations. 10:01 AM Feb 15th from txt

Arrived in Sao Paulo, Brazil for the Feninjer jewelry show.

posted a blog…. 3:41 PM Feb 13th from web 

just heard from a jewelry designer at the Philly Buyer’s Market who said that vermeil is hot; high-end galleries r ordering for 1st time. 2:35 PM Feb 12th from web 

Just saw the unveiling of a new Guerlain lipstick with ‘jewelry’ housing made by Luxury cover/French jeweler Lorenz Baumer. 1:44 PM Feb 10th from txt

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