Stuller, Inc. sets up Hurricane Katrina relief fund

An open letter to our Stuller Customers, Vendors, Friends and Associates;

We have had numerous calls and emails inquiring of our well being and that of our families. While we have encountered some minor inconveniences with our telephone lines, this is small in comparison to the immense devastation along the Gulf Coast regions of Mississippi, Alabama, Southeast Louisiana and New Orleans. Most of our associates’ families have physically fared well; however many have relatives that lived in this ravaged area.

The news media accounts do not completely capture the immediate feeling of loss many people of this area are beginning to grasp. Homes are completely destroyed or severely damaged by wind and water, while many loved ones are still unable to communicate with one another. Most evacuated with few possessions and belongings, and many are being housed by Stuller associates for an unknown period of time. There are numerous challenges, which will need to be resolved in the weeks and months to come.

Lafayette, Louisiana was spared the destruction of the hurricane and is now assisting, along with other areas, with the evacuees. Numerous trials await all of us to help these hundreds of thousands to put their lives back together. Simple things that we take for granted are no longer the norm. Today, clean, dry clothing, hot showers, toothbrushes, medication are all precious commodities for many. Tomorrow, many will begin the process of burying their loved ones. In the weeks to come, most will focus on the future with questions of work and schools for their children. We are saddened and deeply touched.

As a responsible citizen in this time of need, Stuller has established the Stuller, Inc. Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund at the Community Foundation of Acadiana. This fund will have 100% of every dollar given to it sent to agencies that can make a difference to the hundreds of thousands of needy people affected by Hurricane Katrina. The Community Foundation of Acadiana is a qualified tax deductible organization. We will direct all the money in the Stuller, Inc. Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund to the relief organizations that need it the most.

If you want to make a contribution to assist with horrific aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, please write a check and send to:

Stuller, Inc. Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund
C/o Community Foundation of Acadiana
P. O. Box 3892
Lafayette, LA 70502-3892

Any contribution to the Stuller Hurricane Katrina Relief fund made outside of the United States can be wired to the Lafayette Community Foundation as follows instructions:

Mellon Bank ABA#: 043000261
Merril Lynch Account#: 1011730
Community Foundation of Acadiana Account #: 516020213
For Further Credit To: Stuller Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund

Thank you and God bless.

Charles D. Lein, President