Stuckey unveils LOVEMARK

The Stuckey Company, Houston, unveiled the LOVEMARK diamond at a breakfast Saturday at The JCK Show ~ Las Vegas 2005.

The 74-facet LOVEMARK Diamond was computer-designed for maximum brilliance, the company says, using patented “beam tracing” software that calculates the perfect combination of facets to ensure maximum light distribution.

Beam tracing is better than ray tracing, argued Richard Drucker, of Gemworld International Laboratories, which is providing reports for the LOVEMARK. “In real life, you don’t have a single ray that goes through a diamond,” Drucker said. “You have a beam that goes through a diamond.”

The LOVEMARK diamond’s reports all include a Light Return Index, which quantifies the diamond’s brilliance and beauty.

Company CEO Jay Stuckey noted that the LOVEMARK cannot be shopped on either the Internet or at mass merchants, providing margin for independents.

Martin Hurwitz, of the Jewelry Consumer Opinion Council, said his research shows high interest in the LOVEMARK once its features were known. He said most consumers like the idea of independent evaluation of the diamonds, but they don’t necessarily distinguish specific labs.

“None of the labs are a factor in consumers’ minds,” he said. “GIA has some awareness, but it’s minimal. Many consumers indicate they thought the labs existed in the backroom of the store. Our findings consistently say that it is your opinion—the independent retailer—that will drive people to buy diamonds.”

The LOVEMARK Diamond is manufactured by the Jasani Group, a fourth generation Diamond Trading Company sightholder.

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