Strategically Plan Holiday Displays

What sort of plans do you have for each display case for the upcoming holidays? What items will be your lead items and what show cases will you locate the items in? What display cases tend to attract shoppers when they first enter the store? What items do you want to display in those cases? Will you put advertised items in those cases or more expensive items or present more general merchandise using a theme such as material themes using stone color, color of gold, type of design, or style such as a designer line? A key consideration is to use merchandise that will most likely engage shoppers. Once shoppers become interested in merchandise they can exhibit more willingness to interact with sales associates and share their individual interests and shopping motivations. It can all start with an alluring display. . . a silent sales aid that can stop shoppers in their tracks.Now is the time to make strategic merchandising decisions regarding merchandise displays that best meet the needs of the company and its employees and customers. It is important to anticipate back up plans that anticipate selling down inventory levels of specific merchandise categories and how remaining merchandise levels may need to be moved to other display cases to maximize the salability of other merchandise.

Many retailers find it helpful to develop a merchandise schematic. By creating a diagram of each display case, retailers can better anticipate what sort of display schema will best facilitate silent selling. Just like so many other business management activities; creative merchandising management requires strategic planning.

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