Storage, Security and Your Customer

By Caroline Stanley
How do your customers store their jewelry? Do you know? You probably don’t ask, unless they bring it up or you see a disaster come in, due to bad storage. Here are a few giveaways:
1) Precious metals are full of scratches
2) Necklaces and in a tangle
3) Delicate earrings or lightweight bracelets that are bent or out of shape
I’m sure there are many more clues that you’ve seen and probably repaired over the years. As a jeweler, you already know storage is important. However, unless you sell jewelry boxes, it may not be an often discussed topic with your customers.
Some customers probably keep everything in the original box (and those are the ones with extra storage space). They are not a problem. Other may have a jewelry box or two that holds most of “the good stuff” plus anything else they can cram in there. Or maybe everything is piled in a dresser drawer or scattered through various rooms. Those are the customers that could use some help, in both storage and security.
You may already offer some storage options for your customers. Most department stores (and even Home Depot) carry some products for jewelry storage. Your customer can work with you or go shopping to find one they like. Or your customer may be one of those people who would appreciate a supply of plastic baggies, to use for storage. That’s my preferred method and it makes for easy storage.
For security, it’s best not to keep jewels in an obvious hiding place, like a jewelry box, that’s out and easy to access. Unfortunately, if your jewelry box is easy for you to get in and out of, it’s probably just as easy for a burglar to find and take. If your customer prefers a jewelry box, suggest they stash it away where it’s not obvious. (Hint: the master bedroom is the first place a burglar will look.) Talk with them about where they keep their precious jewels and if that’s a smart place or not. A safety deposit box is a great suggestion, if less convenient.
Just think of this as another way to chat about jewelry with your customers.  J
Today’s Jewel
Bring up the topic of storage and offer to help. Remember the security factor too, it’s just as important.

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