Steven Kretchmer’s work continues after his death

Despite the sudden and tragic death of world renowned jewelry designer and metallurgist Steven Kretchmer, his work continues to live on as the design studio that bears his name released the newest addition to its Inner Secrets Collection.

Called Spherule Halos, it fits between any of the Inner Secrets Bands crafted out of Polarium, a magnetic platinum alloy created by Kretchmer that appears to float. The Spherule Halos are available in 950 platinum, 18k yellow, or in rose gold and can be topped with a choice of lustrous pearl or a rainbow of colored gemstones. Sparkling diamonds, sapphires of many colors, rubies or a combination of gemstones can accent the center stones. A secret engraving can be added to personalize the ring. The Palenville, N.Y., design house said in a statement that the “whimsical addition to the collection captures the romance and mystery that every pearl and precious stone holds inside.”

The name Spherule takes its influence from the galaxy, the design house said. The original spherules are tiny glass beads produced by meteorite impacts on the moon and smoothed to perfection by gravity.

Developed by Kretchmer for a line of jewelry that exhibits unusual behaviors, including levitation, Polarium is a magnetic alloy. It is 77.7 percent pure platinum, extremely hard, and resists scratching far better than any other precious metal alloy on the market today.

Kretchmer, who first came to international prominence for perfecting the tension setting, a method of holding a diamond within the embrace of specially alloyed and treated metal, was killed on July 8 in Woodstock, N.Y., when the motorcycle he was riding struck a car.

“While we mourn the loss of our leader’s tragic passing this summer, we continue to follow through with the many inventions and innovations that Steven had set in place before his untimely accident,” the design house said. “Through his wife, daughter and loyal employees, his legacy will continue on in the quality and detail that he instilled in every piece.”