Salud! Stephen Webster’s Tequila Set Is Jewelry for Your Bar Cart

No regrets. That’s a philosophy embraced by those who possess a certain zest for life, a passion for adventure, and a willingness to try new things— the more mind-altering, the better. It’s also the name of the new Stephen Webster pop-up lounge and boutique that opened earlier this month at Bergdorf Goodman and will be up and running through April 28.

Stephen Webster at Bergdorf Goodman
The legendary and famously irreverent jewelry designer Stephen Webster, named a member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire by His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, poses in his No Regrets pop-up at Bergdorf Goodman in Manhattan.

There, the walls are lined in wallpaper printed with Webster’s jewelry designs, and there’s a glass cabinet of curiosities featuring select collections, including the designer’s recently launched line of luxury home decor and tabletop accessories.

But the main attraction here is the bicycle bar cart (pictured above) stocked with Tequila Lore, Webster’s new set of highly imaginative, richly detailed cocktail accoutrements and glassware.

Each piece references iconic characters from centuries-old Mexican folklore, including an ice pick depicting a golden eagle plucked from the Mexican flag. A rattlesnake, seen on the Mexican coat of arms, helps dispense the finest tequila through its fang-spiked open mouth, while the length of its rearing body forms the handle of a jigger.

Inspired by Aztec mythology, cow and rabbit motifs are also part of the tequila set’s design vocabulary, the latter a reference to a story about 400 drunken rabbit gods (for whom things did not end well).

The full set, highlighted below, is presented in a bespoke leather case created by British leather goods company Tanner Krolle that can be customized to house any number of tools and crafted in a range of colors.

Functional though they may be, each of the components is itself a jewel worthy of prominent display—to hide them in a liquor cabinet with your secret stash of Patrón would be a crime.

Stephen Webster cocktail shaker
Lead crystal cocktail shaker with sterling silver snake topper, $7,500
Stephen Webster cocktail strainer
Cow skull cocktail strainer in sterling silver with quartz-topped turquoise and garnet, $2,500 
Stephen Webster shot glass group
Shot glasses in smoke- and amethyst-colored glass with sterling silver engraving, $110–$150 each
Stephen Webster Snake Flick knife
Snake Flick knife with built-in corkscrew in sterling silver with Damascus steel blade, $2,500
Stephen Webster ice pick
Eagle skull ice pick in sterling silver, $2,150
Stephen Webster ice tongs
Rabbit skull ice tongs in sterling silver with quartz-topped turquoise, $2,500


Stephen Webster rabbit knife
Rabbit skull knife in sterling silver with quartz-topped turquoise, $2,500
Stephen Webster cocktail measure
Snake cocktail measure in sterling silver with quartz-topped turquoise, $4,000
Stephen Webster cocktail pourer
Snake pourer in sterling silver, $2,250


Stephen Webster salt shaker
Rabbit skull salt shaker in sterling silver, $2,500
Stephen Webster tumblers
Tumblers in smoke- and amethyst-colored glass with sterling silver engraving, $360 each


Top: Deluxe debauchery—this shot glass quartet is conveniently sold with the collection’s Snake Flick knife and rabbit skull salt shaker along with an attractive wooden board. It costs $5,780 and promises to set the party off right.


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