Stay Proactive

The days of waiting for customers to come into a jewelry store unannounced and make large purchases are becoming fewer and less frequent. Jewelry stores have too many competitors to compete with based on the convenience of their store’s location.  Too many malls commonly have too many retail jewelry stores. To compound the matter these stores typically are not effectively communicating well differentiated offerings. When stores are unable to differentiate their offerings shoppers become more price oriented and jewelry store margins suffer.

Today jewelry stores have to drive motivated shoppers into their stores and execute perfectly while engaging these shoppers to become paying customers. What marketing communication methods does your store employ to keep and attract heavily buyers? How does your store uniquely communicate with key customers? How does your store differentiate its offering from competitive offerings? Why should shoppers have a preference for buying from your store?

What can retail jewelers do to create more store foot traffic by loyal customers? Customer relationships are changing because shoppers have so many more options available to them as compared to previous times.  Today it is easier than ever to cross shop retail jewel offerings. Just because a jewelry store helps a shopper identify what product design and style they need and want does not mean that they have earned the business. The perfect example of this is the “be back” shopper who proclaims for a variety of reasons why they won’t buy today, but profess to come back in the near future and execute the proposed transaction exchange.

Maintaining more frequent contact with customers is key in marketing jewelry in the 21st century. The jewelry industry is challenged with customers who may not buy from a store for many months or even years and still be identified as a key customer. Knowing how to stay top of mind for the category of jewelry former customers have purchased should be a goal of every jewelry marketer. Understanding how to convert an existing customer to make a first time purchase into a category they have not purchased should be a priority.  

How does your store use marketing communication messages to remain relevant with key customers? How can your store be more proactive in engaging potential shoppers to visit your store? How can your store more effectively convert loyal customers to make purchases in new product categories? How can your store be more proactive in communicating with loyal customers and enticing them to consider new jewelry purchases and provide more referrals?