Spotify May Be Developing Connected Devices

Spotify, the streaming music subscription service, is building a team of tech pros to create its own, proprietary hardware.

What shape that hardware might take has yet to be revealed. But Wareable noted this week that Spotify is hiring for a spate of hardware-focused tech jobs, including a senior product manager for hardware.

The ad states they’re seeking a person capable of “leading an initiative to deliver hardware directly from Spotify to existing and new customers; a category-defining product akin to Pebble Watch, Amazon Echo, and Snap Spectacles. You will define the product requirements for internet-connected hardware, the software that powers it, and work with suppliers/manufacturers to deliver the optimal Spotify experience to millions of users.”

The door is open here for a range of connected devices—from smart speakers and ear buds to wearables such as watches and spectacles.

Whatever the devices, it’s clear that they will be voice-enabled.

Spotify is also hiring a product manager for voice and another for a director of product focusing on “natural language understanding.”

See the job listings here.

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