Spat Parade: Pearls From Tucson

The pearl front was a little quiet this year, compared with
the excitement drummed up by the Soufflé pearls of 2010.

Emiko Pearls

Bright Strands: I apologize for the photo—it clealry doesn’t do them
justice! Australian South Seas pearls range in color from sky blue to
and in size from 14.1 mm to 17.5 mm for $84,000 triple key. Ron Greenidge
says he’s
sold two already…nice! Emiko Pearls, Bellevue, Wash.; 425-646-0111;


American Pearl Co.  American Pearl Co.

Jurassic Pearls: For the ultimate collector, fossilized
pearls are $4,500 (larger) and $1,500 triple key. There are three pearls in the smaller piece, in the shell matrix; the envelope in the second photo relates to the larger specimen. Contact Gina Latendresse for more information. American Pearl Co.,
Nashville, Tenn.; 800-288-2877;


Sea Hunt Pearls

Bronze Beauties: Bead-nucleated, natural-color bronze
metallic pearls range in size from 13 mm to 16 mm and start at $1,500 per strand
triple key. Sea Hunt Pearls, San Francisco; 415-543-7900;


Pearl Concepts

Peachy Sheen: Tiny 2 mm–3 mm potato-shape dyed pearls are
available in colors like peach and sage—the latter serving as the “color of the
season,” according to Kenny Tse, Pearl Concepts. Strands shown are $30 a
strand, triple key. “Designers are buying 10 to 12 strands at a time and twisting
them,” he says. Pearl Concepts, New York City; 212-226-8585;


Imperial Pearls

Discount, Discount! Modestly priced selections of loose
Tahitian and South Seas pearls. Imperial Pearl, East Providence, R.I.;


Editor’s note: More info to come regarding a new hybrid
pearl from Sea Hunt.

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