Sparklers for the Holiday Weekend

The Fourth of July – Independence Day – holiday weekend is upon us, a weekend celebrated with relaxation and laid-back summertime fun – picnics, barbecues, perhaps time in a pool or on a softball field. The dress code calls for the most casual and comfortable clothes in a wardrobe. Fireworks displays are de rigueur in many communities, and sparklers bring hand-held fireworks magic to many a celebration.

It was fun to see a different kind of sparklers adorning iconic summer leisure time apparel in the July issue of Marie Claire magazine. A fashion spread on eco-friendly Cape Cod style includes a pair of Levi’s cut-off shorts, adorned with three rhinestone or crystal brooches by Lulu Frost pinned in a cluster under one pocket.

The brooches selected for the magazine styling vary in color but have in common a starburst theme. All three starbursts are of similar size, although one of the starbursts is actually the head of a flower atop a stem with leaves. Clusters of mix-and-match starbursts are a delightful way to add some pizzazz to any garment, from a sundress to a blazer to the most laid-back pair of cut-off shorts one might have in one’s wardrobe. 

So bring out the brooches, and don’t forget your sparklers this holiday weekend!

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