Some Good Diamond News

So much of the publicity the diamond trade has been getting has been negative lately that I thought I’d mention two positive stories that just came up – and both seem independent of the industry.    

First, there was this story, proclaiming that some diamonds are as old as the Earth, leading a chorus of journalists to begin their stories “Diamonds really are forever.” What these stories mostly don’t mention is that these 4-billion-year old diamonds are not that big – in fact, they are inclusions in other stones, and no thicker than a strand of hair. Still, with lab-grown stones on the horizon, this is news that the “mined” industry should be shouting from the rooftops. It is not often that an advertising slogan is scientifically validated.


Second, I linked to this a few weeks ago, but it’s still getting publicity, so I’ll mention it again: Beyonce recently recorded a version of “Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend” as a commercial for Armani’s new perfume, “Diamonds.” Now, the commercial’s hawking perfume, not gemstones, but hey, this is the industry’s unofficial theme song. In fact, in my years covering this business, I’ve heard “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend” – along with “Diamonds are Forever” – more times than I wish to count, so it’s nice to have a new version out there. And what a festive, lively version it is! I agree with the youtuber who said release it as a single. Take a look:

JCK News Director