Software that joins diamond merchants, retailers, and consumers to debut at JCK Show

The makers of a new software product say they have a solution for retailers who are losing money to large Internet businesses that sell diamonds direct to consumers.

It’s called eDiamondselect and it is being unveiled at the JCK Show ~ Las Vegas 2005. The product will be located at Booth 62302 and at a demonstration area on the Level One ETS pavilion adjacent to the registration area. You can also view the company’s product at its Web site,

The software, as explained by David Norman, eDiamondselect’s industry consultant, will consist of two platforms. The first is a password protected site between the retailer and suppliers; the second is a retail window that allows consumers to view a retail jeweler’s diamond supply online while at the jeweler’s store. This supply includes diamonds available by the jeweler’s suppliers and those suppliers who are part of the eDiamondselect network. The diamond supply can either be viewed by customers with a laptop or PC at the retailer’s store or through a customized kiosk at the store.

“Basically what we’re trying to do is fight the internet with the internet,” Norman says.

Avrille Friedman Aronson, company founder and President adds, “We have designed a virtual marketplace at the store level for consumers and suppliers. This first-of-its kind solution is going to change the way retailers do business, increasing sales for retailers, providing consumers with access to a huge inventory of diamonds and offering suppliers an opportunity to expand their customer base.”

Participating retailers and suppliers will be charged structured fees for the use of the service, Norman says.

“Basically what we’re selling (retailers) is a software application and touchtone kiosk, and a program where they can buy it or lease it,” Norman says.

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