Cool Collection: Snake by Thuja Jewels

Snakes have long been a steadfast icon in jewelry, from Cleopatra’s famed collection to Queen Victoria’s trendsetting engagement ring, all the way to the modern incarnations of the serpent in every form you can possibly think up.

The snake motif in jewelry feels incredibly sensual—no coincidence, as the serpent represents fertility and rebirth in some cultures. It’s also often a symbol of good versus evil, which is evident from its alluring, mysterious, often dark presence in jewelry. Slinky and winding, snake jewelry is undeniably sexy: You won’t often encounter a design featuring a snake and call it “cute,” that’s for sure.

In tune to the deep appeal of the snake is Turkish brand Thuja Jewels, with this line of men’s (well, unisex, actually, but menswear-inspired) pieces featuring elements of the snake.

Thuja Jewels Snake collection bracelet
Cubic bracelet in black rhodium and sterling silver with beige leather and 1.2 cts. t.w. black diamonds, €2,110 ($2,417)

Hailing from Istanbul, Thuja Jewels describes itself as “a masculine-characterized unisex jewelry brand, mostly concentrated on bracelets with precious stones, certified genuine leathers, and diamonds in silver or gold.” The brand was founded in 2012 and is making its debut at JCK Tucson this year.

Thuja actually has a lot of really cool bracelets—ones I’ll find a reason to share another time—but it’s the Snake collection I really wanted to highlight today.

Thuja Jewels DIamondback Snake bracelet
Diamondback bracelet in rose-plated sterling silver with 0.52 ct. t.w. diamonds, €1,975 ($2,263)

The collection is so wearable and has a multitude of edgy options. The snake itself makes its appearance in only some—my favorite options are those that join the head and tail in a clasp (at top)—while others feature a snake-like pattern on sterling silver accents (note that the brand also offers bracelets in python leather, which I have not included here).

Thuja Jewels Serpi bracelet
Serpi bracelet in black rhodium and sterling silver with green leather, €700 ($802)

The snake-themed jewels are available in an array of colors—and, though I have showcased only bracelets here, a number of rings and necklaces comprise the line, too, and a few pieces are offered entirely in silver (no leather), as well.

See them all in person at JCK Tucson! For more information on the show, visit, and to see more jewels from Thuja, visit

Top: Serpi bracelet in sterling silver and black rhodium with natural leather, €1,290 ($1,478)

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