Check Out Swedish Smartwatch Brand Kronaby’s Cool New Hybrid Watches

Smartwatch brand Kronaby Sweden will debut an updated and expanded collection of its popular hybrid watches in the U.S. this June—and the new models are some of the best-looking connected timepieces we’ve seen recently.

The handsome, streamlined hybrids—Apex, Sekel, Nord, and Carat—all have the same tech-enabled guts and work with iOS and Android phones.

The watches notify wearers of calls, texts, and emails (with options to filter each), can configure multiple time zones automatically, and boast functions including a silent alarm, step counter, phone finder, and the ability to control music services on a smartphone.

Bonus: All Kronaby smartwatches come with a battery that, depending on watch usage, can last up to two years.

Kronaby Sweden Carat smartwatch

Kronaby Sweden Carat smartwatch

Kronaby Sweden Sekel smartwatchKronaby Sweden Sekel smartwatch

Kronaby Sweden Nord smartwatch

Kronaby Sweden Nord smartwatch

“The watch is developed around the concept of human technology,” said Kronaby cofounder Sarandis Kalogeropulos in a company statement. “We want to bring back the experience of truly living in one moment, focusing on the here and now, and let people experience more in life; taking the connected watch into the future and making technology work for people.”

The updated Kronaby collection will range from $395 to $675.

The smartwatch brand is one of the few picked up by numerous independent jewelers in the U.S. Its stateside partners include Atlanta’s Luxor Fine Jewelry, Jeffery B. Jewelers in Aurora, Colo., Maryland’s Saxons, Phil Pratico Jewelers in Hamilton, N.J., Jade Galore in San Francisco, and Long’s Jewelers in Virginia Beach, Va. (See the full list of retailers that carry Kronaby here).

The brand is a product of Swedish technology firm Anima. Anima is backed by Chinese company Goertek Inc., which is listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The company is located in Malmö, Sweden, and has 70 employees.

(Top photo: Kronaby Sweden Apex watch; all photos courtesy of Kronaby Sweden)

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