Sliced Pearl Jewelry From Theresa Bruno of Jordan Alexander

Though Theresa Bruno of Jordan Alexander has only been designing jewelry for a year and a half, she’s managed to develop a concept so fresh that even the most seasoned manufacturer will need take a closer look.

The Slice Collection of pearl jewelry in silver comprises 38 SKUs of Chinese and Tahitian freshwaters that have been sliced in half to reveal beaded centers. Bruno says the idea resulted from her own curiosity; “I just wanted to see one sliced,” she tells JCK in a phone interview last week.

She started out in August this year by slicing navy pearls, but discovered that they weren’t that pretty on the inside. Then, she and her jeweler sliced into a white one with much better results. “It was amazing. The interior looked like caramel dripping through it,” Bruno explains. “You have to slice a lot of them to get perfect that interior.”

Bruno also sliced some Tahitians, but with their inherently higher prices and more subdued look—“still very pretty,” she maintains—she’s unsure whether she’ll keep them in the mix. Surrounding all sliced pearls are a display of G-H color diamonds. “The prices are really driven by the diamonds,” says Bruno. Suggested retails start at $3,333.

Though the collection debuted to editors a month ago at Bruno’s New York City showroom, Fragments, few stores (just Marissa Collections in Naples, Fla., Reinhold’s in Puerto Rico, and a high-end store in the city) have seen it (though Marissa Collections made some preorders). Styles are available with navy, peacock, or champagne-colored sliced pearls, and are shipping now.

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Sliced pearl cuff in silver from Theresa Bruno of Jordan Alexander

Cuff in silver features a large white baroque sliced pearl surrounded by 5 cts. t.w. diamonds; $4,400