when the friends and family of loyal customers ask where to buy jewelry, your store will get more references.

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Six Ways to Be Top of Mind With Jewelry Customers: Part 4

4. Customize Value Propositions Valued customers respond to offerings with the right design, style, and selection of jewelry accompanied by a perceived affordable price. Every jewelry company should be able to articulate the demands of targeted customers. Listen to the changing interests of customers to perceptually redesign the right mix of products and support services. Customers never simply buy a generic product like a diamond. Customers buy an expected product that includes everything the store offers to earn the business. How do customers describe the company’s value proposition? Ask individual customers why they buy and you will hear the value proposition that influences them to make purchases from your store. When customers are presented with perceived superior value propositions, they have greater recall of the supplier and that often evolves into top-of-mind recall.

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