Six Ways to Be Top of Mind With Jewelry Customers: Part 3

3. Replace Mass Marketing With Database Marketing Too often jewelers snail mail mini-brochures to an entire customer base that include more pictures of products customers know they are not interested in than jewelry products individuals do find to be of interest. Mass marketing approaches—sending the same message to an entire customer base—are losing the ability to appeal to shoppers who desire to be treated as individuals. Your store’s approach to database marketing can leverage each customer’s documented jewelry preferences and offer more relevant offerings. Products that truly are of interest to individual customers will prove to be more engaging and generate more response from recipients. Focus on developing jewelry offerings to individual customers using database marketing. Use email marketing to deliver customized solicitations. Offer select jewelry products each customer has already reported they prefer during previous store visits. Don’t let this market intelligence disappear. Motivate and train sales associates to document customer preferences. Customers are increasingly impressed by companies that know how to treat them as individuals—and they reward these companies with top-of-mind recall.


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