Six Ways to Be Top of Mind With Jewelry Customers: Part 1

When customers are asked to name jewelry brands, do they think of your company? When prompted, most jewelry consumers name less than 10 jewelry brands, and most of those are well promoted, very high-end jewelry manufacturers. Here is the first of six ways local jewelry stores can earn top-of-mind status with more customers.

  1. Treat Each Customer as an Individual. Today, consumers are exhibiting more selectivity toward brands and products. This reflects how consumers see themselves as individual customers with strong values and preferences. If you don’t have a customer contact management system, buy one. If you have one, be sure you’re tracking customer preferences and not just customer purchases. Treating customers as individuals create the positive impressions that result in top-of-mind recall.

Being top of mind with customers means your store will most likely get the first opportunity to present and sell them new jewelry. When the friends and family of loyal customers ask where to buy jewelry, your store will get more references. Best of all, high top-of-mind status reflects customers who know why they prefer doing business with your jewelry store.   

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