Sightholders Wonder: Is My Fate Sealed?

This past week, the sightholders got their new DTC profiles to fill out – and the murmurs I am hearing is that people are wondering if filling out the new, longer, profile is worth it.

New York sightholders are wondering if their fate is already carved in stone – especially in light of Chaim Even-Zohar’s comment that he doesn’t see any New York sightholders at the end of this round — which, to my knowledge, no DTC spokesperson has yet responded to. (Currently there are seven New York, and eight American, sightholders – down from 14 pre-Supplier of Choice.) Many think with the new “more personal” criteria, the DTC execs basically know who they want to choose.

The other interesting twist is that the new profiles seem to be less number-oriented, and ask more about how sightholders utilize rough, rather than polished, an interesting demonstration of the change in emphasis in SoC2. (Apparently, unlike prior years’ profiles, which are posted online (PDF), this year’s profiles are protected by a confidentiality agreement. Which doesn’t mean we wouldn’t like to see one:

In any case, is it me, or does the DTC selection process seem less sensitive and more brutal with each go-round?

JCK News Director