Siegelson’s 35 Carat Honey-Colored, Mogul-Cut Brown Diamond

A recent addition to the inventory of Siegelson, a 91-year-old diamantaire in New York City, became instantly covetable among JCK editors, and it’s not hard to see why. A 35.28 ct. Mogul-cut, honey-brown colored diamond is prong-set in 18k rose gold. A company spokesperson told JCK that it’s been in inventory for just a couple of months and has so far garnered the interest of four stores. Resembling a stone from the famed Golconda mine in India, the rock is a Type IIa—even though it’s brown and not colorless—because it maintains the same clarity, and its cut is an antique cushion.

“We’re confident about this stone—it’s a one of a kind,” says the rep. “There have been big diamonds and similar cuts at auction but not a stone this special. If it doesn’t sell this season, it will sell in the New Year for sure.”

Siegelson 35 ct. Brown Golcanda Diamond

35.28 ct. Mogul-cut, honey-brown colored diamond; price upon request. Siegelson