Should Women Own More Than One Engagement Ring?

Norman SIlverman oval diamond and sapphire halo engagement ring

Mega-upgrade-worthy: Norman Silverman Diamonds

I recently read an article reporting that Victoria Beckham has a whopping total of 13 engagement rings. Various sources differed on whether each of these was an upgrade from the next or if she just seems to be collecting them, but either way, it sounds like the Spice Girl–turned–designer has more engagement rings than some of us have shoes. Sure, Posh Spice has higher spending power than your average jewelry consumer, and the desire to adorn one’s hand with any amazing piece one pleases is certainly both tempting and understandable. But I’d be willing to bet that many would disagree with this idea of an interchangeable declaration of marriage.

Parle Jewelry Designs Brazilian emerald and diamond engagement ring

Admirable alternative: Parlé Jewelry Designs

After all, is an engagement ring not a symbol of the love one shares with his or her betrothed? Is it not something that keeps the proposer up at night, wondering where they’ll find that perfect piece, wondering if it’s the one their spouse-to-be will fall in love with and wear forever? Yes it is, for many, many brides and grooms. On the other hand, does it all have to be so sentimentally permanent? Is there something so wrong with wanting a different ring—a variation from the ringa larger one, a new design, an extra, to change it up every now and then? I can’t answer these questions for everyone—only for myself—but I guess that’s what the beauty of it all is; each and every customer is different. There’s no right, no wrong, just personal preference. And what a fun opportunity that is for retail jewelers.

Joshua J cushion and round diamond eternity band

Eternally coveting: Joshua J. Fine Jewelry

I, for example, upgraded my engagement ring before I even got married (ridiculous, I know). But I had the opportunity to purchase a larger diamond through the jewelry store where I worked, and, well, it was bigger. So, yeah. And now, as much as I love my engagement ring, I sometimes itch for something different, not to replace it—I could never imagine being without it—but just to change it up now and again. My current wish list spans the range of a modest, solid gold band to a big honkin’ diamond eternity band that blinds anyone who looks upon it. As I’m writing this, though, I realize that there is something missing from that wish list: another engagement ring. Perhaps I am sentimental, after all.

Rhonda Faber Green bridal collection rose-cut ring stack

Bridal stack dreams are made of: Rhonda Faber Green

So I’m wondering what your point of view is on this ring-changing phenomenon. I’m quite familiar with retail customers upgrading, resetting, and even adding bands to their engagement rings. But purchasing an entirely different ring, not to replace, but to alternate with their current one? This is not something that I experienced when working in a store. What’s the word? And also, do you think Victoria Beckham would be interesting in sharing her collection?

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