Shopping on Instagram: Why Ads Don’t Bother Me Right Now

I used to find the ads on Instagram really annoying. For the love of all that sparkles, I used to think, I don’t want to see another ad that has absolutely nothing to do with me.

Then, as they became more targeted, they got a little invasive—creepy, even. I often got angry when I felt tricked into double-tapping a beautiful photo only to see that it was sponsored (even though I probably would have liked that photo had I come upon it organically, anyway. But whatever).

Lately, though, I’ve welcomed advertisements. This won’t be the case for everyone and before I continue, know that I’m not talking about sponsored content and influencers, I’m solely referring to the paid advertisements (that are clearly designated as such) on your feed.

Instagram advertisement
Maternity-related Instagram ad from @hatchgal

So, here’s the thing: The ads have actually been pretty helpful for me lately. We’re expecting a little one in April and, of course, Instagram knows that (there’s that creepy factor again). Through its ads, it’s been introducing me to some fantastic baby and maternity brands that I didn’t even know existed. At the moment, I’m open to that.

Will I change my tune when they start advertising random products from like, Banana Republic and Travelocity again? Yes. But for now, it’s serving a purpose. I’ve even found myself clicking through the ads to explore the offerings further, and, on one or two occasions, purchasing something.

So, for the retailer that paid to place those ads: success! They lured me in, I took the bait. And I don’t feel bad about it because these are items of quality, not spammy, unwanted things (which, others may experience, unfortunately).

While I do still see a number of irrelevant (to me) ads on my feed, I just tell Instagram, “Hey! Get that out of here!” I think the more feedback I can give, the better suited its ads will be for me. Now, if only I could get it to start giving me some more jewelry-related ads, so I can see what the industry is up to.

The moral of the story? Take a chance this year. Buy an ad! If you have the budget and want to explore a different avenue, set your sights on social media. Just make sure that you stand behind your product and that users can trust in its quality. There’s nothing wrong with being advertised to, we just don’t want to be spammed.