Shopper Marketing

What sort of understanding does your jewelry company have of targeted consumers and how they behave as shoppers in different sales channels and different selling formats? How does your company leverage this knowledge to create more brand equity? How might a better understanding of shopper marketing help your company improve your performance in category management, jewelry displays, personal and non-personal selling, packaging, sales promotion, market research and advertising?

Shopper marketing goes beyond in-store marketing activities to include strategies that integrate marketing approaches that drive jewelry consumption and identifies shopper criteria necessary to complete sales. Jewelry shopper marketing attempts to understand how well shopper needs, wants, demands and desires are identified and interpreted internally by the company.  Shopper marketing values a better understanding the customers from their first thought of buying jewelry right through any post purchase buyer remorse.  As retailers refine their approaches to in-store marketing so too does the importance of shopper marketing.

What’s driving Shopper marketing? The majority of consumers who still select a jewelry brand after they are in a store. Many jewelry buying decisions are unplanned and only a very small percent of sales are generated due to brand loyalty.

Jewelry shopper marketing is about reaching people when they are actively shopping for jewelry. One example is shelf takers inserted inside display cases. I like shelf takers because they can engage and inform shoppers and do so as customers are exposed to a specific product presentation. Another example of an application for shopper marketing in jewelry is the promotion of private label jewelry. Many of todays more value-oriented consumers are more available to consider private label jewelry.  Shopper marketing focuses on understanding how to position and communicate the value proposition of private label jewelry through in-store marketing.

Traditionally, many retail jewelers have funded print and television media. These media are more expensive and are not necessarily timed to impact shoppers when they are in a shopping mode. Shopper marketing is directed at influencing shoppers when they are actively shopping for jewelry. Shopper marketing is effective for brick and click marketing.

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